The Stand-alone media kit will work on any website or banner manager system.

What is included?

1. All JavaScript source files and other media files.
2. All example files. (Youtube files, FLA files and Google Web Designer HTML5 Banners)
3. In depth tutorials about how to custom create the exact banner you are trying to make.
4. Ability to submit an HTML coded banner into DFP, OpenX , Adzerk or any other banner rotator system.
5. Yearly updates.

Installation/How to use the stand-alone media kit

1. After you purchase upload the pushdownbanners folder to your website.

2. Reference the pushdown.js file before the </head> of your page:

<script src="pushdownbanners/pushdown.js"></script>               

3. Add your JavaScript variables.
This the speed at which the Push Down Banner will open, also if you want it auto-open or auto-close.

var _gPDBSpeed = 20;
var _gPDBTime = 500;
var _gPDBAutoopen = 0;
var _gPDBAutoclose = 0;


4. The next part is for adding a Push Down Banner that has an open image that dissappear when it starts, then
shows the 2nd larger banner plus a close button.

<div class="PushdownAd" id="PushdownAd1" style="width:935px; height:40px; border:0; overflow:hidden;">
<object width="935" height="450">

<div id="pushdownopen" style="width:935px; height:40px; border:0; display:block; overflow:hidden;">
<a href="javascript:PushdownAd.get('PushdownAd1').open();toggle(1)"> <img src="images/firstbanner.jpg"></a> </div>
<!--THIS IS THE LARGER BANNER + CLOSE BUTTON --> <div id="pushdownclose" style="width:935px; height:450px; border:0;overflow:hidden;">
<a href="">
<img src="images/banner_large.jpg"></a><br>
<br><a href="javascript:PushdownAd.get('PushdownAd1').close();toggle(0)">
<img src="images/closebutton.jpg" ></a>
</div> </object>

More explanation are in the full tutorials.

All available options:

Banner types: 





Show once per day: 


Images, Flash, HTML or HTML5

Click to open, rollover to open, auto-open, set a timer to open

Close button, click to close, rolloff to close, set a timer to close, set the close button on the outside.

Set any dimension to any dimension

Set the opening/closing animation to be instant, fast or slow.

Use a cookie to set any banner to show once per day.

Any banner can be set with a 'clickTag' from the banner manager you might be using (eg, DFP, OpenX, Adzerk,)

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