Push Down Banners

Question: What are Push Down Banners?

Answer: They are web banners that push web content down when you rollover or click/tap them.

Easily create your own push down banners with our stand-alone media kit or WordPress Plugin.
They are compatible with Images, Flash, HTML or HTML5, Responsive and you can use Youtube or other video players.

This is all you need to do modify your Push Down Banner.

This the speed at which the Push Down Banner will open, also if you want it auto-open or auto-close.

var _gPDBSpeed = 20;
var _gPDBTime = 500;
var _gPDBAutoopen = 0;
var _gPDBAutoclose = 0; var panid = "bn_10-30-2015_09:10:26"; var banType="Pushdown";


Adding a Toggle
This Means the first banner will disappear when you click on it.

To add a toggle, simply add the ;toggle(1) or ;toggle(0) to the end of the open or close code.

<a href="javascript:PushdownAd.get('PushdownAd1').open();toggle(1)">
<a href="javascript:PushdownAd.get('PushdownAd1').close();toggle(0)">