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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it compatible with DFP, OpenX, Adtech or Adzerk or other banner rotators?

Answer: The Stand-Alone Media Kit is, they have been tested and confirmed to work with DFP, OpenX, Adzerk and more.

As long as you can edit the HTML for the banner in your banner system our media kit will work for you.
If you are using a banner tracking system different than the ones mentioned, our developers will try our best to integrate it into whatever system you are using.


Q: Do you have a free trial?

Answer: No, since this product is downloadable media kit product once you have the code you have our product.

Q: How your licenses work?

When you purchase either Expandable Banners, Push Down Banners or Slide Banners you can use them on as many websites that you own or administer.

Q: I don't have access to the website the banner will be displayed on, can I still add the expandable banners.

Answer: Yes.


Q: Do all banners work with HTML5?

Answer: Yes, all products are compatible with HTML5, HTML, Youtube, Flash or images.

Q: Is it easy to customize the size to a non standard size, such as: 728X90 (closed) - 728X530 (open)

Answer: Yes, you can customize the banners to any size.

Q: Can you have the original banner be a flash application coded in AS3?

Answer: Yes. The only actionscript you use is to call a JavaScript function. "Open Ad" "Close Ad"
Therefore, the banners can be in any version of ActionScript.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of banners I can author and publish with your media kit?

Answer: No.
You are free to create as many banners as you wish for all the websites that you administer.

Q: Can I create multiple clicking areas on the expandable portion of the ad?

Answer: Yes.
You can have as many tabs, and buttons as you wish in the flash or HTML versions.

Q: Does there need to be an open and close button?

Answer: No.
You can design the banners however you wish. (Although we do reccomend having a visible close button for mobile users.)


Q: Can the expanded banner be a Youtube video or Slideshare presentation?

Answer: Yes.
It's also best to set the close button to the outside for these style of banners.


Q: Can I set a timer that allows the add to stay open on the initial 10 seconds then close?

Answer: Yes.
More information on how to set a timer is in the tutorial when you subscribe.

Q: Can the expanded banner contain a sign up form and some survey questions?

Answer: Yes.
You can add anything that any regular flash file can like: ( a video with controls, newsletter sign up, contact forms, games, audio payers, photo galleries and more.

Q: Will the expanded version expand over top of another flash object?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Will the expanded version expand over top of another JavaScript object?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Can I add video in my expanded banner?

Answer: Yes, the video file can be loaded into the .swf file. Or you can use HTML5 Video, Youtube or any other video service.

Q: Can I use a Flex or Adobe Air applications as the expanded banner?

Answer: Yes. Just be sure to open and close the banner using the AS code provided in the tutorials.

Q: What files types are included in the Media Kit?

Answer: The file types are: .fla .swf .html .js .jpg and .css

Please don't hesitate to drop us an E-mail or give us a call at 1 (519) 222 - 3992 if you have any other questions.